You led the way
toward the unthinkable,
so I could open my eyes
and stare fear in the face,
watch it shrink into a ball
and roll away,
leaving a path of flowers
in full bloom.

I took wing
to find you, in the cold clear air,
never thinking my feet would
curl beneath me,
my arms sprout muscled feathers
and fly beyond my old horizons.
I chased after you
and found
while you looked on, bewildered
from the cloud you sheltered in.

I circled in the sky, hunting for you,
then out you came,
suddenly, after nine long months,
and popped up in my arms, giving me
such a hug I thought my breath would stop.
We flew on, our circles tracking,
until, feathers touching,
we head toward sunrise

No matter that our paths may lead
north or south
in opposite directions-
each to her own way,
we fly secure,
knowing the other is
a feather flight away.


We talk across the salad,
share ideas with the vegetable brochette,
smile at the beautifully grilled asparagus,
remember with the rosemary potatoes.
I look at you,
amazed at who you are becoming,
remembering all your faces
that changed from year to year.
Though I long to hold you now
as once I could,
I know you’ve grown beyond my arms,
my touch upon your cheek,
as the light reflected on the water
changes outside our window
even as we watch, together.
A sad thought, but a small one
as we sing
while sharing greens.


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