The Artists of Palekh

Vladimir & Natalia Smirnov

For the past four years, Vladimir has painted illustrations of the main 'events' of the Old Testament. His beautiful designs, painted on a unique plaster surface to show colors at their most brilliant, are based on the traditions of Russian icon painting. His wife Natalia and daughter Helen paint miniatures, and their lacquer boxes have appeared in many exhibitions in Russia.

Ten of his 74 paintings created to illustrate the Old Testament are shown below.To see more, click here.

Vladimir & Natalia Smirnov

Vasily Makashov

Vasily has been Chairman of the Board of the
Palekh Organization of Russian Artist's Union since 1998. His lacquer miniatures have been exhibited many times in Russia, and he has created many of the extroardinary illustrations for "The Life of Jesus Christ in Works by Palekh Artists" published in 1995 and reprinted in 2000 in Russia.

The frontispiece he created is shown below.
To see more of his work
click here.


Natalia Smirnov paints laquer miniatures in the tradition of Palekh. Her daughter Helen is also an accomplished miniaturist, and the work of both artists has been often exhibited. To see more of their work, click here.
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