The other side of now

Can you throw yourself over
the edge
of the moment?
Cross the divide
between where you've been
and where you might begin
a new direction?

You can see it plainly,
the path behind
-lake gleaming in the sun
dark shadows beneath the rocks,
holes plunging into the past-
but ahead, around the bend
is only sky,
blue with promise
and only smallest clouds on the horizon
to signal storms ahead.

You sit on a rock, quiet,
eat cherries,
drink cool, clear water
and think.

Going ahead is not the question.
It's how you see it, whether
to continue or
to throw yourself ahead
into the mystery
with no maps,
no charts,
only hope
that the way will open before you
with some sign,
-lucky penny or smooth, sleek rock
or tree alight with gold at sunset-
to tell you to have faith,
to take your bearings
from a newer
brighter star.

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© 2004, Lenore W. Horowitz