Along the Way

Along the way,
a moment shimmers into being,
frames itself
to image where you are.
You see it in an instant,
choose aperture and shutter
to best expose the secret
opening in your lens,
in clearest shades
of light and shadow.

Some images are signposts,
a mark
of where you've been,
and others, guides
to where you've yet to go.
Destination never was the point,
for any line is many points,
each an opportunity
to stop
and turn
and look at what you find,
and what finds you,
along the way.

What matters is how
–not when or where,
or even what–
you see.

With each exposure
grows an attitude of seeing
not the surface,
but the light
which opens,
from the center.
And together,
these moments make
a luminous arrangement,
a constellation
to brighten midnight skies
for those you've met,
and known,
and loved
along your way.


 © 2005, Lenore Horowitz