Trees on the Wing
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Tree against the sky

I love to see them
stand alone
against the open sky,
as if they chattered with the stars
like birds,
and danced with gusting winds
like falling leaves.
Like statues
they pose,
as if absorbed
in some mesmerizing thought
about how infinite space above
can seem so intimate below
when one strong rooted trunk
resolves each branch to graceful form,
and jagged contradictions blend
in curve and line,
smoothed out
by daily round of sun to darkness.
Alone against the sky,
the tree speaks its peace,
makes you wonder what it sees
looking out so solitary,
so poised in thought,
as if within its branches
all the cosmos comes to rest
balanced in this moment,
when you find yourself
and silent,
looking up into the sky,
tree wise.


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