Stop and go fourth

At the intersection
you decide whether to
stop or go forth.
Don't hesitate too long,
for traffic is building,
and you need to arrive
at a destination
you can't even see.Worrying about how you'll get there
will only get in your way,
but more difficult is to tell
whether the ordinary wisdom
of those around you
should be enough
to break your stride.How can they be so sure
of their cautionary tales,
of rules never questioned,
of their proprietary vision of the world?Trust your own lights
to discover the signs
you need to heed--
whether to push on,
or hold off,
and re-evaluate
what may be a headlong dash
down a dead end.

So when you come to an intersection,
look carefully at what is coming your way,
and also into your heart,
see with your inner eye,
and decide in time
with the pulse you feel
beating strong and steady.

Your feet know when to stop
and consider,
wings tucked neatly into heels,
and when to travel forth,
road worthy,


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