Day trip

Wouldn't it be great if
We dropped everything,
hopped in the car
to spend the day
in Monterey?
Packed up our water bottles and fruit,
drove past the barn that calls out to us
'What a catch!' as we pass by,
and park in a great spot
right by our hotel.
You'd put on your roller blades
and skate circles around me
and we'd look out for each other,
and for sea otters by the pier,
listen to the sea breeze whisper,
as we kayak through kelp,
skimming along the surface
sparkling in sunlight,
when suddenly an otter bursts up
carrying a spiny sea urchin,
flips over on her back, cracks it open
to find the tender meat,
to feed her pup
nesting in a bed of kelp.
We paddle past, lazily,
till the sun turning in the sky
tells us it's time
to look for our waiting car
and find our long way home.

For now, we'll dream this day,
look through our longest lens,
close our eyes together to make a shutter,
and snap this trip just so,
and mount it in our book
of those special photographs
no camera can record.
in all their beauty.


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