Pink Hat

The pink straw hat chooses you,
fits snugly to your head,
its wide brim glows onto your face,
and as you look out,
you see the faintest hint of roses,
scent a springtime fragrance
all your own.

The pink hat reminds you
to look for the moment
and plunge headlong-
feel the joy well up around
and through you,
pulling that smile up
from your toes
till you rise,
soar on a gust of power,
wings wide.

So don't dabble at the edges
of the moment,
fearing to get your feet wet.
Joy will rush to meet you
if you're on the look out
for that miracle
just beyond your brim.

You can't hold that moment tightly,
for joy is fleeting,
but it will remind you
that you can always look,
always find that joy again.
And that knowledge
distills to power
to carry with you, light those dark times
when you can hardly see
through your tears.

So even when it's raining,
don't forget the pink hat
It may not keep your face dry
in all weathers-
just be ready to put it on,
fit it snugly to you,
when the darkest clouds
hint of coming light.


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