Without you, my words
would have no heart to echo in;
Without you, my garden
would grow in deep shade.

Just as you are,
you are everything I could ever want,
and what I want most of all
is to see each new you unfold in her own bright colors,
just as you are.

So please don't try to be what you think I want,
when that is what I want least of all.
The real you is more than enough
to make me sing,
if you'd only think
she was good enough to be heard.

You see, what you consider failings
are so only in your own words, not mine.
To me you could never fail to please,
no matter what you imagine I would believe,
for you are already everything I need to love.

So come as you are, truly,
and I will meet you halfway, or more--
no more masks, no fears, between us,
Just you and me, together.


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