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Island time

Island time
is not ordinary.
It's space to open
like a clam,
and think.
On your island reef,
let waves wash up
to cross the rocks
and ripple through
the tidepool.
When tide is low,
let sunlight dry tears
in rocky crevices, and
when tide turns, let
cooling water flow
to fill the cracks,
cleansing wounds
with foam.
When tide is highest,
breaking waves
disperse what's old or dried
like sand, and bring in
healing waters
from the open sea.

Island time
ebbs and flows
around and through you.
Feel it pulse, and
counterpoint with

Island Lullaby

The waves rush in,
the waves rush out
over my reef,
soothing me
in my island bed.
I turn,
and they rock me
on my coral ledge
in warming foam,
quilt like,
in softest salty down.
Seaweed wraps my hair,
fish swim through my dreams,
starfish sing me to sleep
in island lullaby.

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