Ghost Ranch Companions, 2002

Please send me your photos (jpegs 72 dpi) to add to the page!! I am hoping to have a shot at EVERYONE!


Kathleen warned me, as I climbed into her rented SUV,
"I stop for photos."

When I grow up, I want to stand as TALL as Kathleen!

Sandi & Susan

can find something to laugh about

in the darkest restaurants of life.



Susan & Colette

Moussing around

Jackie, Sandi, Kathleen & Natalia

You do WHAT with the black tape?

No way!!!


Thank you Lord,

I've wanted one all my life!


click here for more of Michelle's x-rated images

Kathleen & Lenore

in the hand of God

by the burning bush

Kathleen & Collette &

even MORE moussing around!

Hairy will never be quite the same

Natalia & a slice

of Kate

(Don't we all want our own slice of Kate!)

For a serious poem about Kate, the artist at 40,

and what she means to many of us

click here

Doorway to what's next!

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